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What sets us apart from the competition?

Aleza is one of the most customizable application on the market today employing features such as language files, dynamic templates, and include files makes is easy to wrap the portal around any design.

Link Type Displays
Aleza has a powerful feature which allows you to not only list resource links but also in-house resources such as articles, images, file downloads and whatever else you can think of. By designing a display file your users can preview the resource in any way you would like using fields from the database. This entails reading an article, viewing a preview or screenshot of a downloadable video game or you may even choose do give more options such as Printable Versions.

Email System
We have packed Aleza full of email features and functionality.

  • Email Lists
    This tool allows you to define dynamic email lists. By choosing the list's parameters, they will be applied to the whole database when called from the mass mailer.
  • Mailing List Manager
    This is a new feature which allows you to manage a list of email addresses your website accumulates over time.
  • Email Templates
    This feature allows you to manage reserved system email templates and also store newsletters while you are authoring them or for future use.
  • Mass Mailer
    The mass mailer allows you to combine the mailing list or a dynamic email list with email templates and send them out all at once.
  • New Resource List
    This is a generator which will compile a list of resources that have been added within specified dates and save them into the 'Link List' email template. The ' Link List' template can then be sent to your users to keep them informed of new resources on your site.